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Yoga and Meditation at the dead sea

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Ananda’s Holistic Health Retreat Intensive

 Living a Radiant Lifestyle

July 25 – 28, 2013 

Give yourself a gift: Time for self-discovery during this relaxed immersion in healthy living.


How would you answer the following questions?:

Are you giving your body what it needs for optimal health?

Do you have the energy and enthusiasm you need to make your life work?

Can you choose to be happy on a daily basis?

Do you have a way to experience deeper meaning in life and feed your spirit?


Ananda’s Holistic Health Retreat Intensive will help you say YES to all of these questions and give you supportive experiences in how to:


  • Increase your health and wellness
  • Manage stress and increase your inner peace and calmness
  • Practice yoga postures in a safe and meaningful way
  • Meditate daily to strengthen your mind and your ability to maintain tranquility
  • Transform unwanted habits
  • Create a healthy diet that works with your own needs
  • Exercise regularly and love it!
  • Find more balance in your life

Your Retreat includes:

  • Daily guided practices of Energization Exercises, yoga postures, and meditation
  • Guided yoga techniques for greater energy
  • Instruction in a meditation technique that will work wonders for you, even if you've never had luck with meditation before!
  • Ananda’s certified yoga and meditation Teacher
  • 2 delicious and healthy meals daily
  • Seminar – Yogananda’s 9-day cleansing and revitalizing diet
  • Therapeutic massage – 3 times
  • The option of individual coaching/counseling to help you create a plan for healthy changes in your lifestyle
  • Accommodation in a 2-bed standard room

The Ein Gedi Hotel, Dead Sea


The Ein Gedi Hotel is located in one of the most marvelous places in the world – on the shores of the Dead Sea in an area which incorporates beauty, unique character, health and tranquility.  The hotel enjoys views of the Judean Desert, the hills of Moab, marvelous nature reserves and golden sunrises, and invites you to enjoy a retreat for the mind and the soul, a retreat of pastoral tranquility.

Costs 775$