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Yoga and Meditation at the dead sea

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These simple movements, when learend properly, offer a world of benefits.

Even at the most mundane level, Yogoda will:

- Increase your vitality,

- Help warm up your joints,muscles, and connective tissue,

- Give you a better sense of your own body.

Here are some more of the benefits:

- Oxygenates the blood

- Helps release and flush toxins from the body

- Relaxes the body

- Builds stronger circulation (both blood and lymph)

- Strengthens the immune system

- Builds muscle strength

- Helps heal injuries and illnesses

- Gives an internal massage to the organs

- Helps align the musculoskeletal system and gives a "self-chiropractic" treatment

- Stretches and magnetizes the spine

- Awakens brain cells

- Uplifts your energy, banishing moods, low energy and depression

- Enhances your sence of well being

And at higher levels, Yogoda is a doorway to an expanded awareness of and control of the subtle energy.