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Detox yoga retreat at the Dead Sea - year round

Cleansing, health improvement and rejuvenation

Retreat highlights:

- it's in Arad, where there's clean air and great energy.

-near the dead sea, where people with skin problems want to be to heal.

- Israel is a powerful energy centre of the world.

-specific kind of yoga that is safe and gentle.

-special meditation techniques to make meditation easier.

-raw and organic meals to detox and cleanse the body. 

- free time to relax or explore in Israel (dead sea, masada, other cities in Israel just a bus ride away)


Welcome to the Dead Sea Israel

One of Nature's best kept secrets, 400 meters below Sea Level, Dead Sea Israel is the lowest place on Earth. It is nestled among the rough Mountains terrene of the Judean Desert; it is an oasis of beauty, relaxation, calmness and excitement.

The Dead Sea is nature's ultimate spa combined with the excitement of a modern vacation destination. Dead Sea Israel offers a vacation you will never forget. If you're travelling alone, with a loved one or bringing the whole family, you are sure to find the perfect attraction for everyone.

Visit ancient archeological sites, experience the extreme desert with walking tracks and Jeep tours, enjoy a sunset with breathtaking landscape, take a day off in one of many luxury spas and of course swim, float and enjoy the Dead Sea itself.

This program will change your life forever and give you effective tools for increasing the vital energy, health promotion and stress management.


Retreatis held by Slava Anand–certified in US yoga and meditation teacher, who has been trained by yoga masters of India, USA, and Italy.


Program includes:

- the whole complex of cleansing, rejuvenation and strengthening the immune system;
- increasing the vital energy: energizing exercises and yoga therapy training will allow you always be full of vital force;
- deep cleansing of the body: health-improving diet of fruits and vegetables,  organic green cocktails;
- morning and evening meditations and cleansing ceremony, harmonizing the chakras using the Indian harmonium, Indian ragas and Vedic mantras;
- bathing in the Dead Sea;
- mountain walks.



Arad is a small quite city in the South District of Israel. It is located on the border of the Negev and Judean Deserts, 25 kilometers (15.5 mi) west of the Dead Sea. The city is notable for its clean, dry air and serves as a major attraction to asthmatics worldwide.

Accommodation is at the oasis on the edge of the desert in a cozy and green rustic villa in the town of Arad, with ideal climate for health improvement. There is a homey and earthy atmosphere within the villa. 

The villa consists of a house and an apartment with a separate door. There are two rooms for guests within the house and two rooms in the apartment. There is one guest toilet  and one guest bathroom with a bathtub for two rooms within the house. Whereas in the apartment, there is a bathroom with a bathtub and a kitchenette. The apartment is comfortable enough for 2-3 persons.

Max group: 6 people



Fascination of Israel

Jerusalem is the official capital and holy city to three world religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, while Tel Aviv brims with beaches and bustles with urban vitality. Then there’s the Dead Sea and Masada, the stark, stunning Negev and fertile Galilee. The number of museums and cultural institutions per relative area is larger in Israel than anywhere in the world.

Visit Israel Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

Its Mediterranean climate makes Israel ideal for all-season travel. If summers can be hot, with temperatures reaching 90ºF (32ºC) in places (and even hotter in desert locales like the Dead Sea), you’re never far from the coast, where it’s always a little cooler. And in winter, while much of Europe and the U.S. is shivering, most of Israel basks in sunny temperatures that hover around the 70ºF (21ºC) mark. There are some rainy days, but it’s by and large a dry country. That poses challenges for Israelis in terms of water conservation efforts, but for visitors it means pack the sunblock and shades – whether it’s January or July.


Combine the Fascination of Israel with Detox Yoaga Retreat at the Dead Sea

  • Advanced cleansing guarantees health. The most delicious fruits and vegetables, juices and swimming in the Dead Sea.
  • Exersise – the most important component of health. In this program, you will master the elements of classical yoga, which can be practised BY EVERYBODY: experienced practitioners or newcomers and energizing exercises, which at the right time will fill you with energy to the very brim.
  • Good frame of mind and stress relief are essential. Meditation is the highest human activity and tool for self-realization and soul harmony.
  • Perfect conditions for health improvement. World’s famous spa resort of Arad for asthma treating, with healthy air and the Dead Sea. Quiet and cozy villa - oasis on the edge of the desert.

Venue – Villa"Ananda" in Arad

Cost for 8 days / 7 nights:

1 person  Single room "Mountain view" with balcony 1000 US$  
1 person  2 rooms appartment with terrace 1500 US$  
2 persons (a couple)  Double room "Mountain view" with  balcony 1700 US$  
2 persons  2 rooms appartment with terrace 2000 US$  

3 persons (1 couple + 1 person)

 2 rooms appartment with terrace 2500 US$  

What’s included

  • Learning energizing exercises in small groups and yogatherapy daily (except Saturdays)
  • Harmonization of chakras in the mornings and evenings with special live instrumental meditation music using harmonium to play Indian ragas, and Vedic mantras.
  • Morning and evening meditation
  • Purification ceremony
  • Living in a villa
  • Healing detox diet: fresh-pressed juices, fruits for breakfast and lunch; healing low-concentration-of-minerals water during the day; vegetable salads for dinner or diet adapted for you!
  • Cooking classes of delicious and healthy food.



"Heartfelt gratitude to you, Slava, for such a unique opportunity to relax and at the same time to work with my body and my soul. It was a pleasant stay and a fruitful work for me. Your program clears my mind and body from all superfluous and unnecessary thoughts and actions, that in the end it seems that this time was the most beautiful and the happiest time in my life for many years.

This is a wonderful program. Here everyone will find something for themselves. Good opportunity to feel what the soul desires most globally or now in a given period of life.

I am very glad that life gave me this trip to Israel to Ananda-school. Thanks for the healthiest holiday of my life. Good luck to all your endeavors. And long life :) Thank you for the warm and spiritual atmosphere. It is great here at Ananda! 
And it's so gooood that the Dead Sea is near!"

by Anastasija, Riga, Latvia


"This program is suitable to all, but especially to people who are interested in yoga and healthy eating.

Personally, I’ve got exactly what I came after. The program combines a sufficient number of spiritual practices, hatha yoga, meditation, as well as free time, which in everyday life we all so miss, especially for the time to contemplate.

This is the best vacation for body and soul! Here everything is harmonious, even nature and the mountains around promote relaxation and the discovery of your superconsciousness. I have got only positive emotions."

by Diana, Riga, Latvia



Totally unexpected but it's unbelievable. My martial arts is totally different and much improved. I can't explain exactly, whether it's balance, breath, fluidity of movement... It just feels amazing and great. And I have continued pretty much doing everything we were doing every day except for modifying the diet slowly of course as I described.

So G-d willing I'm planning on continuing because it just plainly works. The energization, yoga poses, meditation, chakra balancing, and whole natural fresh foods.

I am also a health practitioner and religiously observant as well. Sometimes even health professionals need a major tune up, detox and stress reduction. I did the program with strictly Kosher fruits and vegetables that I purchased locally, which I prepared myself, and the program was great for my body, mind, and soul.

Slava has become a good friend along with a positive influence in my life. He is one of those few whom I have met who actually practice what they teach. He lives this stuff and always strives for improvement and to reach a higher place while giving over what he already knows. He is patient, professional, ever helpful, gives good directions and answers questions to the best of his ability, and if he does not know, he will tell you so.

Two thumbs up from me, and I highly suggest this simple yet powerful program for anyone wishing to get back on track with their health and well being. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home, and for helping me along in my journey.

Thank you so much my friend, and keep up the good work."

by Micha, D.O. Osteopath, Athletic Therapist, Montreal - Zfat


I was looking for a spiritual meditation retreat. They say ‘ask and you shall receive’. When I came upon Ananda Retreat in Israel, I just had that feeling that this is where I would go. I had been wanting to do something like this for years, literally years. Well, of course my intuition was bang on.

When I arrived at the Ananda Yoga retreat, I at first was a bit skeptical. But I know that God has a plan for all of us.

The surroundings – the Judaen desert, the inside, minimalistic, but comfortable and welcoming……I was looking for a retreat, not a 5 star hotel, and a retreat is exactly what I got. I completely deepened my yoga practice, my meditation practice. I deepened my connection to God and cleansed my physical and spiritual body. Would I do it again…in a heart beat.  This was well worth the money and well worth my time.  Thank You Slava for a wonderful experience. 

by Sandra, Canada, Ottawa